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Boots is a health and beauty retailer and pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom and other countries and territories including Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands and Thailand.

Founded in 1849, Boots has 2,500 shops across the United Kingdom and Ireland ranging from local pharmacies to large health and beauty shops. It sells many health and beauty products, and also provides optician and hearing care services within shops and as standalone practices.

Boots UK
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Columbus Pharmacy Management System

In 2012, Boots started to work on the build of their own Pharmacy Management System, named Columbus, with the view to implement it on all their pharmacies in the United Kingdom to replace NexPhase.


Columbus has been initiated with a joint team from various Alliance Boots’ affiliates – Boots, SCAD / TSF and Alliance Healthcare, adopting a “one team” approach.

The aim is to deliver a solution, based on AH’s Leonardo platform, which will provide a replacement for third party software NexPhase in the UK (more later) and a basis for a similar system in other markets.

Columbus will be an enabling project for significant stock benefits and efficiency savings and it’s aligned with the Boots UK future pharmacy strategy.

Columbus will also deliver an ethical stock management system for Boots stores.

Intended benefits

The new Pharmacy Management System will improve the experience for customers because it will be a faster, more efficient, more stable system.

Some of the intended benefits include:

  • Customer waiting time reduced when they bring a prescription script to store
  • Prescription processing time reduced for pharmacists / dispensers
  • Owings reduced and stock holding decreased
  • Accuracy increased
  • Handout logging reduces operational workload

All this will indeed increase in-store feedback and confidence in the system, increasing customer satisfaction.


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