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Capital Economics is one of the leading independent economic research companies in the world. A team of more than 60 experienced economists provides award-winning macroeconomic, financial market and sectoral analysis, forecasts and consultancy, from offices in London, New York, Toronto, Sydney and Singapore.

Capital Economics
Capital Economics

New digital-first ecosystem

Designed and delivered a multi-phased Digital Transformation Programme consisting of multiple streams of work, including a new publishing stack based on WordPress CMS and a Progressive Web App to replace the legacy iOS / Android mobile app.

At the core of the new digital architecture, the Zephr Identity and Access Management platform to orchestrate access to content and gather more, better marketing-qualified leads to be actioned thanks to the integration with Salesforce CRM.

Complex integrations

The new technology stack I’ve designed and delivered is made of complex integrations.

These includes WordPress CMS used by the Economists Team to write their reports; all content is proxied by the Zephr platform which also provides IDAM and paywall capabilities.

Zephr is integrated with the Salesforce CRM to capture new registrants, track users’ activities and record paywall data.

Data from WordPress and Zephr are also sent to Google Analytics for reporting purposes.

Finally, the integration with the Pure360 email service provider to deliver registration, login and paywall emails to the users.

Multiple business benefits

The world-class content produced by Capital Economics is now purely online, as opposed to PDF files that were sent across to paying users and trialists via email.

Not only the content is mobile-responsive and easier to read, but it now provides greater user tracking and significantly reduces content-sharing.

The implementation of a flexible paywall solution allows Capital Economics a greater time-to-market for creating new products and increases the sales funnel with the generation of more, better marketing-qualified leads.

Only one month after the launch of the new digital ecosystem, over 3,000 new users registered to Capital Economics.


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