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PEI Media is a global B2B publishing and events business that focuses on the alternative and typically illiquid asset classes that have become essential components of many investors’ allocation strategies globally. PEI majors in private equity, real estate, private debt and infrastructure investing, whilst also engaging with emerging new asset classes.

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New owners on board and brands acquisition

After a new investment by a Private Equity firm, PEI called me back in 2019 to support them with a number of initiatives, especially with their largest acquisition to date, which transformed their presence in North America.

This meant including new publications to the digital stack built in 2017 – PEHub, Buyouts Insider, Venture Capital Journal and Regulatory Compliance Watch.

Other initiatives recently signed off included the upgrade of their Dynamics CRM to 365, enhancement of their campaign automations and the move from UK-based development agencies to a dedicated nearshore development team.

Complex integrations

PEI’s new complex digital architecture, built in 2017, includes WordPress CMS used by PEI’s Editorial Team to write their content, that is proxied by the Zephr platform which also provides IDAM and paywall capabilities.

Zephr is integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM to capture new registrants, track users’ activities and record paywall data.

Data from WordPress and Zephr are also sent to Google Analytics for reporting purposes.

Finally, the integration with the Sailthru email service provider to deliver registration, login and paywall emails to the users.

Multiple business benefits

With the implementation of Zephr, at the core of PEI’s new technology stack, PEI’s changed their login system from a traditional username and password, to a new passwordless management, to significantly reduce password-sharing.

The implementation of a flexible paywall solution allows PEI Media a greater time-to-market for creating new products and increases the sales funnel with the generation of more, better marketing-qualified leads.

One year after the implementation of the new stack, PEI has recorded an enormous uplift in new subscriptions.


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