Rail Delivery Group (was ATOC)

Formerly known as the Association of the Train Operating Companies (ATOC), the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) brings together passenger and freight operators the United Kingdom, Network Rail and High Speed 2 to build a better railway, connecting the country and delivering more reliable services for customers.

Rail Delivery Group

LENNON Replacement

As part of the Rail Settlement Plan (RSP) modernisation programme, the LENNON replacement project, aims at providing a new, flexible solution for apportionment and settlement of revenue generated by sales of train tickets of the 20+ train operating companies (TOCs) in the whole United Kingdom.

The Project consists of numerous workstreams: (1) Reference Data and NFRs, (2) Data Capture, ALTS, Management Information and Reporting, (3) Apportionment & ORCATS replacement, (4) Interfaces & ORCATS (As-Is), (5) Finance, Treasury & Accounting.

Drivers to change

The LENNON and ORCATS services are costly to operate and difficult to change; also, LENNON does not support non-SDCI+ ticketing, rely heavily on manual process and on expert resource both within Atos and the TOCs.

Settlement is fit for purpose, but constrained by LENNON and includes numerous manual services

PAYG & CPAY is fit for purpose but there is the opportunity to combine with the LENNON replacement

Intended benefits

The key benefits of replacing LENNON are to provide a flexible and scalable solution, easier and cheaper to maintain via the user of modern technology and open-source software, by 31st March 2018, as well as to remove reliance on manual services and “managed services”.


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