Sky Connect

On 24 March 2021, Sky announced the launch of ‘Sky Connect’, a new entrant in the UK B2B telecoms market focused on partnering with small businesses to provide them with a better broadband experience: purpose-built business products, exceptional service, and simple pricing and packaging, with no hidden fees.

Sky Connect

A new player in the marketplace

Sky’s entrance to the business broadband market follows its success in residential broadband. With over 6 million customers, Sky Broadband is the second largest residential provider in the UK, and over the past ten years Sky Broadband has, on average, received fewer complaints to Ofcom than anyone else.

Sky Connect plans to bring this best-in-class service to small businesses, including professional installation, backed by a customer charter featuring a 30-day money back guarantee, simplified billing, no in-contract price rises, and no hassle cancellation fees.

A solution built for businesses

Sky’s brand focus sought to inspire trust, innovation and confidence – with
continued emphasis on “built for business”.

It was very important for Sky to establish a brand identity that inspires confidence in Sky as a B2B solution provider, using the following drivers:

  • Think: innovative, purpose built business solutions from a brand that is known and trusted
  • Feel: confident and excited that there’s now a better solution for businesses
  • Do: switch to Sky who’s now powering the connections that connect businesses to their customers

Intended benefits

The £20m programme is expected to achieve 1.8%-2.0 CRO to the new digital website with a number of improvements to the digital journey.

Also, the optimisation roadmap drives a range of foundational improvements to include getting CRO to 1.5% by year end 2021, and 1.8% by Q1 2022.


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